Thursday, November 26, 2009

TwoAdverbs -- Vote Early; Vote Often!

Those that enjoyed Adam's article are invited to read two more excellent posts by the same author at Chris Lockhart's blog:

The posts are from November 19 and 21, 2009 if you have to scroll back to find them. Many other excellent articles on Chris' thread. He's activating the blog again and I suggest you subscribe.

You'll also notice my script, HORROR COMIC, is in the running in the logline contest. I'd appreciate any support as the contest is close! (You have to have been a member of twoadverbs as of 10/31/09 to vote. But the site is worth joining regardless -- and it's free.)


If you are a member click on the link below, go to FORUM / Contests, Representation & Networking / Sticky at the top is SEMIFINALISTS: THE NIGHT BEFORE XMAS LOGLINE CONTEST. Then you can vote for HORROR COMIC in the poll which is on the first page of the thread.

Thanks again!

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