Friday, June 11, 2010

How had I not heard about this website? It’s now the top-ranked traffic count screenwriting website out there.

What is it? Free screenwriting software. Okay, you may already have that. How about an online community of writers to share reads? Groups to discuss a variety of screenwriting-related topics.

And how about… contests. I discovered the site entering the Ed Burns Scripped contest (Ed is on the board of the Scripped company). Contest assignment was to write the first fifteen pages based on a setup they provided. Then this month they are running a Spike-TV contest. Chance to have your pilot air on network television.

Turns out all the contests are free if you’re a subscriber to Scripped’s pro service. Check out the site. 60,000 users already and growing.


  1. Stephen, you forgot to mention that you are a finalist in the Ed Burns Scripped contest. Don't be so modest, and good luck!

  2. I agree it is a very useful website. Wasn't quite glad when it merged with Zhura though [hint: I enjoyed the pleasure the site had to offer through its free services, community of writers to interact with (made a few friends along the way. Haha), and so many other exciting features] However, what I'm glad about is that since being on Sripped, The same atmospheric condition has been somewhat maintained....

    Ayokunle Falomo.