Tuesday, January 8, 2013


While most movie trailers are unimaginative and even irritating, a few stand as interesting achievements of their own:

This trailer is actually far more inventive than the rather routine service comedy it's advertising. Like the best of Kovacs' work, it's visually imaginative with touches of surrealism.

This Python trailer rivals the Kovacs as my all time favorite. Fortunately, in this case the movie was as good as the trailer.   (Commercial to skip prior to trailer appearing.)

Notable for containing a scene cut from the film.

Much closer in mood to one of the wraparounds on his TV show than the film he's promoting. I love the Leave It To Beaverish music.  (Another ad to skip.)

Welles just couldn't resist toying with the form.

Note George C. Scott is not among those sworn in -- Scott rebelling against authority again, or some sort of punishment from Preminger?

Again we see the influence of Hitchcock's TV intros.

OK I'm cheating here, since these are TV commercials not trailers.  But they're the work of the brilliant Stan Freberg, and at least as funny.
as the movie.

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