Monday, October 14, 2013

A Brief Musical Interlude with Marc Scibilia

Americana music has a new Bob Dylan, of sorts. Marc Scibilia started out as a teen music prodigy emulating piano man Billy Joel, but around age 18, he discovered the music of Bob Dylan, and ever since, he’s more Dylan than Joel.

Scibilia hails from Buffalo, New York, but calls East Nashville home, where he lives in a farmhouse with his bandmates, working on music around-the-clock when they’re not touring the country.

Balancing the fine line between folk, blues and rock, Scibilia is surrounded by Country music makers, and his music has been subconsciously influenced by it. One of his latest songs, “Shining Like America,” has been getting airplay on Sirius XM’s new Country station, “The Highway.” In addition, the FOX-TV show, “Bones,” used Scibilia’s song “How Bad We Need Each Other” in a recent episode.

As a singer-songwriter, Scibilia is appreciated for being a humble and genuine musician, the kind who plays several instruments well, greets listeners after a show, and comes across as down-to-earth. Fans of John Mayer, John Mellencamp, Tom Petty, Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan will want to add Marc Scibilia to their playlists.

His latest 4-song EP is called “The Shape I’m In.” Check out the video here, where Scibilia tells you about his life and music:

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