Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Arrested Development

Arrested Development is truly one of the best comedy shows ever made. It is unique in the way it presents and disguises its jokes but also in the way it references itself throughout episodes and seasons and thereby gives the viewer the feeling of being in a clique.

Those are some reasons why Arrested Development was always a fan favorite. It was so loved by fans that it made a comeback for a new season this year, which some people regard as the comeback of the decade since the show managed to preserve its entire cast and promised to resume where it left off.
It is debatable whether or not the show manages to have the same effect on its audience but nonetheless the fans seemed mostly happy with the comeback. Let’s leave that all out and point to the core of the show, the sarcastic humor and the fact that is packed with jokes and references in such a way even if you watch the same episode a 3rd or 4th time you can still discover new stuff.

Speaking of the characters, they are by far the best thing about the show. The whole cast is great, and they all work together flawlessly. If I had to choose a favorite it would be Jessica Walter as the mom, Lucille Bluth. Every line she says is clipped with the perfect degree of icy rudeness. She's crude and manipulative, but she manages to see herself as classy and victimized. One of my favorite lines in the whole series is when GOB is tackled for bringing bees into the prison and she pointlessly chides him "They don't allow you to bring bees in here." It's a throwaway line that could easily have been cut from the script but it suits her character so perfectly (it's such a heartless and useless thing to say) that it becomes laugh out loud hilarious.

I'll just end by saying if you're going to start watching it be prepared to watch all 3 seasons because you probably won't be able to stop. With so many people touting Arrested Development as "the best show ever" it's tempting to say that it's overrated. But the more I think about it, the more I really don't think it is overrated, because in all honesty nothing else that I've seen is this good.

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