Saturday, April 25, 2009

Lesson 15: Brainstorming

Coming up with a scene or sketch?

What's the best approach?

We've gone over comic characterization.  So you have your characters, or let's assume you're doing more of an all-out gag approach.

Best place to start is look at your setting.  Then make lists.  Brainstorm things related to that subject.  So if you're doing something set in a high school list out things associated with high school: Shop class, hall monitor, jocks, geeks, clubs, finals, teachers, principal, etc.

Then look at your current situation and character.  You should be able to spawn off a series of jokes from there.

I'm working on a feature-length TWILIGHT spoof currently and will provide a link to it in the future.  That'll be a good reference for how the lists lead to jokes.

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