Monday, April 13, 2009

"The Night Is Always Dark" -- Author Biographies

(Our producer requested we submit biographies to be added to the promotional website for the film...)

Stephen “Little Stevie” Hoover – Always kind to his superiors, Stephen is the first to admit you’re wrong. From his humble beginnings in Humble Beginnings, Nebraska, Stephen has
spent the last few years preparing for the next few years.

Hungry for enlightenment, thirsty for education, starving for knowledge, he is looking for a great restaurant. You have to hand it to Stephen, because he’s too lazy to get up and get it himself. Cynic and Romantic, Realist and Optimist, Naïve and Shrewd, Loepold and Loeb, Stephen is the first to admit you’re wrong, which he said already.

Although he received no formal education, he did attend Louisiana State. Of his appearance he says, “I’m Protestant but I look Jewish. I vote to exclude myself from the clubs I join.” Give him an inch and he’ll take an inch. Give him enough time, and he’ll go down in history.

L.A. Laird - The poverty-stricken child of only parents, L.A. Laird is a simple, unpretentious bon vivant, a devil-may care-man-about-town loved by millions, although people don’t like

A multi-talented prodigy who exploded out of the Midwest like a shooting star to distinguish himself with brilliant achievements as both an actor and director, Orson Welles never met L.A. Laird who was born many years later and can’t act. L.A. Laird began writing soon after taking it up, and immediately began to show a talent for taking up things. Family and friends alike were surprised with his poetical bent as it is exceedingly difficult to fix bent poeticals. L.A. Laird is now eagerly pursuing a career in screenwriting, although some day he’d like to get into modeling. It is obvious that L.A. Laird has a very promising future behind him.

This writing team is ready to take their next step from local obscurity to national oblivion.

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