Monday, April 13, 2009

Lesson Seven: Concept Fusion

This type of joke a/k/a the 'con fuse' joins two presumably different ideas to produce incongruity. Very popular with the comedian Steven Wright.

Joke #1:

"I put instant coffee in my microwave and almost went back in time."

instant coffee (speed) + microwave (speed) = time displacement

Joke #2:

"The prescription for my glasses just ran out" and he grasps about blindly.

Prescription (expires) + glasses (a prescription item that never really runs out) = losing sight.

Joke #3:

"I have flip up contacts."

contacts (stuck on eye) + flip up (normally associated with glasses) = incongruous merging of the two concepts.

Look for ways to merge two related concepts into an incongruous way to get laughs using this technique.

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